The Right Balance
The strongest thread that connects you to your inner-self is your body. It needs to be in the right balance for you to thoroughly relish that scintillating piece of jazz or profoundly dip into the quiet morning walk. Vedic spa uses elements that have been tested through times and by science to tap that energy.

Herbal oil massages, medicated baths and painless healing procedures bring about a rejuvenation that reflects in the rhythm of your walk.

Vedic Spa in residency club
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Flexing a muscle it is vital in a fast-paced world, that your workouts be backed by planned schedules and the most efficient equipment’s. Every muscle you flex is monitored and there is optimisation of every exercise, within your time limits. Not only the instructor, but our steam baths, changing rooms and a range of facilities ensure that you come out office-ready from the gym.